Third Avenue Playhouse

April 20, 2018

By Spalding Gray
Content Advisory:  Not recommended for age 13 and under.
Featuring Doug Mancheski
Directed by Robert Boles
In middle age, Spalding Gray (played by Doug Mancheski) has entered “the Bermuda Triangle of Health,” that place where the body begins to break down in alarming and humiliating ways. His immediate problem  is an eye complaint that could be corrected with minor surgery. But for  the high priest of high anxiety, nothing is ever minor. And so Gray embarks on a crazed crusade for wellness that takes him from a Native  American sweat lodge to a dictatorial nutritionist and, finally, to a gory  session with the “Elvis Presley of psychic surgeons” in the Far East. 

Tickets are $28 general admission and $12 for Students. Tickets are available online at thirdavenueplahouse.com, by calling the office at (920)743-1760, or by stopping at the office located at 234 N. 3rd Ave.  Office hours are Tue.-Fri. 12 to 5.  Theater Box Office opens 1 hour prior to showtimes.

Third Avenue Playhouse is located downtown Sturgeon Bay at 239 N. 3rd Ave.