CHAIRries Public Art Project

Thanks to our artists, the CHAIRries auction winners, the sponsors and our volunteers for making the 2019 Sturgeon Bay Public Art project a success! 

The 20th Anniversary project will be released soon, so if you're an artist that's interested in being considered, please contact Carly Sarkis at carly@sturgeonbay.net   and we'll get you on the mailing list for the artist packets. 

Can't wait for the big reveal!

Thank you to our 2019 Title Sponsor!                                                                   


adirondack chair with hand painted Door County coastal scene


Artist: Cassidy Stark
Sponsor: Artists Guild
Chair Location: Artists Guild - 215 N. 3rd Ave.

"My name is Cassidy Stark, and I am a junior at Gibraltar Secondary School. I recently won the award of excellence from the Miller Art Museum, and it is my dream to become a working artist. I want to attend Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design after high school.

I was inspired by Cave Point for this chair design, and I executed this using acrylic paint. This is one of the biggest projects I have ever been a part of, and I am honored to have my art displayed in front of Artists Guild." ~ Cassidy Stark


pair of adirondack chairs with hand painted Door County water scenes

Light of My Eyes

Artist: Rebecca Struck
Sponsor: The Corner Cafe
Chair Location: The Corner Café - 113 N. 3rd Ave.

"I am a local artist who works with spray paint cans. The art I made this year was to draw awareness to the many causes and events I am passionate about locally. The large ship represents the 9 ships that sailed through the canal this summer as part of the Nicolet Bank Tall Ships Salute. The lighthouse is a representation of the fundraising needed to maintain the 11 lighthouses in the county. The fish is painted on the seat because Door County is one of the best places in the Midwest to find walleye, bass, brown trout, northern pike, lake trout, perch, and salmon. The fish also draws light to the Friends of Potawatomi State Park's efforts in fundraising for an all accessible dock.

On the reverse side of the chairs you'll see birch trees and purple flowers. The birch trees draw light to the ongoing problem of illegally harvesting white birch on public lands. The flowers are there to draw attention to the protection of the dwarf lake iris. The underwater scene represents Celebrate Water of Door County, which is a year-long series of activities to celebrate Door County's waters, to understand the threats, and to inspire and support the act of protecting our waters. I am hopeful these chairs will inspire others to get involved and attend events for good causes in the near future. Keep the light in your eyes!"  ~ Rebecca Struck

adirondack chair hand painted with Van Gogh style sunflowers


Van Gogh Sunflowers

Artist: Nicole Herbst
Sponsor: Cornucopia Kitchen Shop
Chair Location: Cornucopia Kitchen Shop - 139 N. 3rd Ave.

"This chair was inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers but with a modern twist. It was created with acrylics then oil paints were added to the flowers to get the piece more of a rich contrast.  Sunflowers are happy inspirations that give so many a smile on their face as well as a sense of contentment. 

I hope that those who enjoy sitting in this chair will be able to relax & contemplate the beauty of nature around us."  ~ Nicole Herbst

Nicole Herbst is the Sturgeon Bay High School art teacher and has been with Sturgeon Bay Schools the last 25 years. She has a passion for impressionistic painting and nature is a constant inspiration.


hand painted floral design on adirondack chair


Artist: Melanie Wahlen
Sponsor: Westwood Shores Waterfront Resort
Chair Location: Reclaimed & Co. Jewelry - 517 Jefferson St

"Growing up in Door County provided an invaluable experience, gifting me inspiration that manifested into my life as an artist.  The open air, deep waters, and rolling hills of wildflowers nurtured my love for vibrant color, earthy texture, and flowing harmony.  My artwork is a reflection of my monumental love for this beautiful place. Utilizing bold colors and dramatic contrast, I depict wildflowers as my most precious inspiration." ~ Melanie Wahlen


hand painted wine themed adirondack chair

Grapes of Door County

Artist: Jerry Richter
Sponsor: Cutting Boards and More
Chair Location: Cutting Boards and More - 368 Jefferson St.

"The county has become a destination for vineyards and wine making. Who doesn't like a great bottle of wine with a Door County sunset? I am a retired graphic artist and find this event very rewarding to support! Along with the other volunteer events I participate in. Visualize yourself laying back in this chair with a glass of local wine in your hand." ~ Jerry Richter


adirondack chairs with hand crafted trellis depicting Michigan Street Bridge

The Bridge Builders

Artist: George Sincock
Sponsor: Associated Bank
Chair Location: Associated Bank - 57 N. 3rd Ave.

"I've been in the trades for more than 40 years and have 22 years of experience as a local 1146 carpenter. I am a retired carpenter, part-time instructor at the Carpenter's Training Institute in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. One of the courses I teach is Bridge Building and Shoring. I have designed the chairs to interact with the "bridge" (table) in different ways. Past, Present, and Future- I am the past, my son, Jacob is a present bridge builder, and I teach the future bridge builders.

Apprentices from three carpenter locals and one millwright local have helped with the chairs. The two chairs are made of red cedar with a connecting "bridge" (table). It can be set up in multiple configurations. The trellis is made of 3/8" rebar and is a replica of the Michigan Street Steel Bridge in downtown Sturgeon Bay." ~ George Sincock


hand painted adirondack chair with musical theme

Musical Chairs

Artist: Andrew Patterson
Sponsor: Holiday Music Motel
Chair Location: Holiday Music Motel - 30 N. 1st Ave.

"I choose my design for the 2019 CHAIRries street art program to represent all the great live music that is always happening all around Door County. I choose a guitar silhouette as the centerpiece of the chair because that has been my instrument of choice for most of my life. The music notes were turned into cherries to give it that Door County flavor. The chair was stained grey, and I used a black oil based paint for the rest of the detail. For the cherries, I used a red acrylic paint. I wanted to have a simple and fun design." ~ Andrew Patterson


outdoor chair constructed from concrete

Reclining Concrete

Artist: Robert Soukup
Sponsor: Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament
Chair Location: Bliss - 724 Jefferson St.


pair of chairs made with wood and rebar depicting Door County lighthouses

Lights Over the Chairries

Artist: Joe Baron
Sponsor: Door County Candy
Chair Location: Door County Candy - 12 N. 3rd Ave.

"For many years now, people from all over the country have been traveling to Door County to check out the coastline, cheese stops, antique stores, breweries and wineries, multiple orchards and many different lighthouses along the picturesque shorelines. I chose this style because I enjoy fabricating with metal and incorporating wood into my projects. I chose rebar for the majority of the build because it is easy to work with, and rebar is a very important material used for making lighthouses.

As you may have noticed by now, the chairs represent two Door County lighthouses. They are the Cana Island and Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal lighthouses- two very unique and beautifully crafted structures. The name of the chairs "Lights Over the Chairries" connects the picturesque lighthouses and cherry orchards people come from miles away to see every summer. So enjoy the sites and the cherry pies of Door County." ~ Joe Baron


pair of adirondack chairs with hand painted Door County scenes

Field to Shore

Artist: Shari Brzinski
Sponsor: Door County Eye Associates
Chair Location: Door County Eye Associates - 165 N. 3rd Ave.

"This set of chairs is intended to have a natural feeling of partnership. This is represented by two iconic Door County scenes; a newly flowering cherry orchard and the rugged coastline of Cave Point. The scenes balance each other in the same idealistic way two people can. They are unique and strong on their own but better together. The nurturing qualities of the blossoming cherry field compliment the stoic protection of the rocks and roots of Cave point against Lake Michigan." ~ Shari Brzinski


chair with hand painted wild flowers

Protect Door County's Native Flowers

Artist: Laura Arndt & Donald Miner
Sponsor: Monticello on Jefferson
Chair Location: Monticello on Jefferson - 715 Jefferson St.

"We were inspired by Thomas Lee's original 'Westport' chair from New York in 1903. Since we're in Door County, known for its beautiful shorelines, we are calling them 'Waterfront' chairs. These old classic chairs have ample room for your cocktails whilie watching the sailboats and cabin cruisers float by.

Door County has one of the richest ecosystems, full of beautiful and rare wildflowers. With admiration may there be protection for these woodland jewels." Artists Laura Arndt and Donald Miner create furniture, wildlife paintings and various sculptures celebrating our natural world. ~ Laura Arndt & Donald Miner


pair of adirondack chairs decorated in a Victorian style

Vintage Victorians

Artist: Renate Gregory
Sponsor: Cedar Crossing Restaurant & Bar
Chair Location: Cedar Crossing Restaurant & Bar - 112 N. 3rd Ave.

"My inspiration for the design I selected came from driving past some of the Victorian homes that are scattered throughout the Sturgeon Bay area. In my "Vintage Victorians" design I tried to capture the elegant designs from the Victorian era which are timeless classics that have withstood the test of time. These chairs exhibit rich tones and graceful curves.

With their distinctive design, they will add an aura of sophistication and elegance to the space they occupy. The regal beauty of these chairs will elevate any atmosphere, transforming an ordinary space to an exceptional, elegant area. They add sophistication and a touch of class.

To bring this design together, wood carved onlays were added under the arms of the chairs, the front legs, and the front of the seat. Raised stencils can be found on the arms, as well as on the back of the chairs. Then, working in an acrylic medium, the chairs were painted a rich brown and adorned with a classic damask design in a light gold colored acrylic. The chairs were finished off in a glass sealant that is fade and weather resistant." ~ Renate Gregory


adirodack chair with hand carved and painted Door County coastal scene

Cave Point Roots

Artist: Paula Wendland
Sponsor: Quantum PC Services
Chair Location: Quantum PC Services - 619 N. 8th Ave.

"I have been working in woodcuts for many years, and I've enjoyed translating that medium to furniture decoration. I chose to depict Cave Point on my chair this year because that is my favorite place in Door County. Also, I think the texture and patterns of the limestone cliffs lend themselves well to the marks I make carving the wood. I like to think that anyone who sits in this chair will enjoy begin reminded of the special loveliness of Door County's shoreline." ~ Paula Wendland


pair of adirondack chairs with hand painted lighthouse and tree silhouette

Catch My Drift

Artist: Heather Wilcox
Sponsor: On Deck Clothing Company
Chair Location: On Deck Clothing Company, - 265 N. 3rd Ave.

"I designed my chair for the 2019 CHAIRries street art program to portray the natural and man made beauty that Door County offers. To do this I have incorporated driftwood that my family and I rescued from the local shores of Lake Michigan along wtih hand painting a scene of cherry blossoms framing the landscape view of a lighthouse and water skyline. I hope you enjoy my submission to this event as much as I have creating it. From my family to yours; Create More Adventure..." ~ Heather Wilcox


adirondack chair with hand painted details to look like fish boil

The Hot Seat- Fish Boil

Artist: Jordan Lenius
Sponsor: Culver’s of Sturgeon Bay
Chair Location: Sawyer Park

"I decided upon the idea of a "human fish boil" for my chair concept for the 2019 CHAIRries street art program. My initial plan of action was to think on iconic subjects that the public would instantly connect with the Door County area or Wisconsin overall. I decided to work with a little chair word play as well and the idea of "sitting in the hot seat" resonated with me.

In connecting these two stages of my idea planning, I came up with the thought to have those using the chair be the actual object boiling in the fish boil pot and in turn, "sitting in the hot seat." I thought it was just quirky enough to work and structured my chair design around the kettle and fire pit the person would sit on with the smoke billowing up the back seat of the chair." ~ Jordan Lenius


chair with table decorated with hand painted apples

An Apple a Day

Artist: Misty Witt
Sponsor: Door County Medical Center
Chair Location: 58 N. 3rd Ave.

"What many people think of when seeing an apple is autumn. Also as with many, autumn is my favorite time of the year. And the inspiration for the painting I did on this chair. It brings back memories that warm my heart of the family getting together to pick apples. We would make it a whole day outing of uncles with nieces and nephews on their shoulders to get to the higher apples. The smell of apple pie and sweetness of apple cider. Oh what sweet memories- it brings a smile to my face and I hope the chair does for you." ~ Misty Witt


pair of adirondack chairs with hand crafted nature theme

To Walk in Nature

Artist: Sandy Patterson
Sponsor: Bay Shore Inn
Chair Location: 222 N. 3rd Ave.

"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles. I painted my chairs reflecting upon the amazing beauty of Door County. Door County is so much more than a place to shop with great restaurants. The endless views of the lake with beautiful sunsets, the captivating shorelines with striking light houses and the gorgeous state parks with amazing wildlife is the true definition of Door County. My hope is for you to relax and enjoy sitting in these chairs while admiring the beauty of Door County and listening to the tranquil sounds of nature." ~ Sandy Patterson


pair of chairs with hand painted seat backs depicting tug and lighthouse

Cana Island Starry Night & Working Waterfront

Artist: Michael Schwab
Sponsor: Door County Maritime Museum
Chair Location: Door County Maritime Museum - 120 N. Madison Ave

"When painting “Cana Island Starry Night,” I drew on my memories and an old black and white photo of the Cana Island Lighthouse. My Dad and I crossed over the causeway to Cana Island during summer vacations - regardless of the conditions. Cool summer nights, our eyes drawn skyward to the dark - a million stars revealing themselves.  Each its own unique flickering light as the Cana Island light swept the sky. Happy 150th birthday old girl!

The inspiration for “Working Waterfront” came from a photo my brother-in-law took this year. In its storied career, the William C. Gaynor tug has traveled the Great Lakes and is now the workhorse of Sturgeon Bay’s working waterfront." ~ Michael Schwab


Wisconsin themed adirondack chairs

Pabst Blue Ribbon/ Brew Crew Chair

Artist: Spencer Young
Sponsor: Cherry Lanes Arcade Bar
Chair Location: Cherry Lanes Arcade Bar - 127 N. 4th Ave.

"The chairs are a symbol to the Wisconsin way of life. Whether you're drinking an authentic Wisconsin brew and/or cheering on your crew. These chairs are reflection to why it’s great to be a Wisconsinite." ~ Spencer Young


pair of hand crafted chairs made of wood and metal

Bulkheads and Barn Beams

Artist: Jamison Glisczinski
Sponsor: Nicolet National Bank
Chair Location: Nicolet National Bank - 236 N. 4th Ave.

"I am a second-career artist, resigning from a 17-year corporate career. Art is my passion. I longed to live my dream of being a full-time artist. My art speaks to the honesty of the raw materials of clay and metal, allowing them to show through in the work. The materials are the scaffold for my imagination, which becomes reality with earth and metal. My sculptures are interpretations of the human figure and nature, inspired by mthology, legends and stories. My vision is to take my subject, reduce it to its essence, then rebuild in different materials so its essence is not lost, but intensified." ~ Jamison Glisczinski


adirondack chair decorated with acrylic pour method

Lazy Hazy Door County Daze

Artist: Emily Anne Paul
Sponsor: Glas
Chair Location: Glas - 67 E. Maple St.

"Growing up in Door County, my favorite places were, and are, anywhere near the water. Clark's Lake, The Dunes, Horseshoe Bay, Fish Creek Beach, etc. Water is peaceful to me and allows my mind to calm and relax. My chair, "Lazy, Hazy Door County Daze", reflects that tranquil absorption of a summer day sitting by the water.

Each slat is its own individual work of art representing the ever changing waters. I used an acrylic pour method because it is as unpredictable and beautifully chaotic as water, and I wanted it to be calmly hypnotic with something new always catching the eye. " ~ Emily Anne Paul


adirondack chair hand painted in Picasso style

Pablo's Chair

Artist: Ken Klopack
Sponsor: Novel Bay Booksellers
Chair Location: Novel Bay Booksellers - 44 N. 3rd Ave.

"Pablo's chair is a tribute to Pablo Picasso, seen by many as the greatest artist of the 20th century. I took several of his works done at the height of his artistic powers and created an art chair I believe he would be proud to sit on. I enjoyed putting together a compilation of his colorful work with a touch of my own creative play.

It is humbling to create line, shape, and color that originated from this master artist. I believe Pablo's Chair will contribute to the cultural richness of Sturgeon Bay and provide artistic pleasure to whoever is willing to make it their own. Many thanks to the town of Sturgeon Bay for allowing me to exercise my artistic abilities for this project." ~ Ken Klopack


pair of adirondack chairs hand painted with barn and lighthouse scenes

Night and Day in Door County Sturgeon Bay

Artist: Chris Boyd
Sponsor: Dancing Bear
Chair Location: Dancing Bear - 13 N. 3rd Ave.

"My grandmother was born and raised in Sturgeon Bay. When I was a kid, a considerable portion of our summers were spent at my grandparents' house on the bay.

As a result, some of my most cherished memories are from Door County - the steel bridge in downtown Sturgeon Bay, the goats at Al Johnson's, watching fireworks on the 4th of July in Sister Bay, spending a day hiking through Potawatomi State Park in the summer, and ice skating on Sturgeon Bay in the winter, to name a few. Two of my most vivid memories from those days are seeing the red barns out the car window as we drove up from Chicago and, of course, the iconic lighthouses of Door County. 

The designs for my chairs are an ode to these happy memories of my childhood. I hope that Sturgeon Bay and Door County will forever continue to be a place for children and families to make magical memories together." ~ Chris Boyd

adirondack chair hand painted with Door County scene


Artist: Andrea Naylor
Sponsor: Stone Harbor Resort & Conference Center
Chair Location: Stone Harbor Resort & Conference Center- 107 N. 1st Ave.

Growing up on the East Coast of Florida, Andrea Naylor was exposed to a strong coastal culture rich in art and surfing. Her passion for Public Health led her to join the Peace Corps in her early 20s and move to a remote fishing village in Ghana, West Africa. Post Peace Corps, Andrea returned to the U.S. and went on to pursue a Masters in Global Public Health and to live and work abroad in Niger, The Dominican Republic, Australia, Malawi, and most recently Jamica.

It was when she was living abraod in Australia that she started painting again full-time. Self-taught, she prefers independent study and draws inspiration from traveling and spending a great deal of time outside, which has allowed her to develop a unique style. She has exhibited her work in Florida and here in Door County, and she currently sells her work by appointment at her studio and through annual exhibitions. To date Andrea has traveled to over 25 countries and participated in over 20 art exhibitions.

adirondack chair hand painted with birch trees

The Birch- "Lady of the Woods"

Artist: Dave Hackett
Sponsor: ERA Starr Realty
Chair Location: ERA Starr Realty- 14 S. 3rd Ave.

"The materials I used in the painting of my chair design were acrylic paints and varnish. Acrylic is a plastic based paint, weather and fade resistant. The varnish, while providing further protection, enriches and brightens the colors.

The technique would be much the same as that which I use in my watercolor paintings...realistic and depicting the actual scene/subject matter. The title "Lady of the Woods" comes from folklore about the birch. The birch has a particularly graceful, flowing habit that always reminds one of a stream of water, extending to the tips of it's delicate black twigs in a shower of leafy droplets that tremble, suspended in their fall. Whispering and bending with the wind, softening the hard edges of a landscape with gentle brush strokes that blur the boundaries between earth and sky.

Personally, I have been primarily a watercolor and pen and ink artist here in Door County. My career was an art director, designer and illustrator with ad agencies in Milwaukee, WI. Retired and moved to Sister Bay in 1999 and operated a gallery for 7 years. Now living and working out of my studio in Sturgeon Bay." ~ Dave Hackett