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Blossom Season in Sturgeon Bay

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions throughout Door County, “When are the trees going to blossom?” 

While we know that everyone would like to hit the “peak day” (just like the fall colors), know that there are generally between 1-2 weeks where you will be able to enjoy the illuminating beauty of those delicate pink and white apple and cherry blossoms. 

Because of our location between the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan, the warmer spring days and the cool nights make Sturgeon Bay a perfect spot for growing both sweet and tart cherries and numerous varieties of crisp apples. 

Here’s a glance at what you can expect over the next few months:

  • Budding. You’ll begin to see the buds start to pop on the orchard trees with that faint green cast that gives you the feeling of “Yes! We’ve survived another winter!” (As of this writing, this is the stage that we’re currently in.)
  • Blossoming. By far the most beautiful time in the orchards, the pink and white blossoms begin to appear generally towards the end of May (Memorial Day weekend used to be the saying back in the day, but temperatures and wind certainly make pinpointing the exact days a little more difficult.) Make sure to follow the Door County Blossom Report or give us a call (920) 743-6246 for the up to the minute report as we have it. 

    This is also a great time of year to check out some of our beautiful wildflowers and mushrooms, ramps, and asparagus. You can forage for hours and come home with the ingredients for some amazing meals! Make sure to check out our recipe this month for Renard’s famous Morel & Leek French Dip. Delicious!
  • The Petal Fall. Beautiful in its own right, those gorgeous petals blanket the ground in their white and pink splendor signaling a step closer to those tasty apples and cherries. It’s a winter wonderland of petals for a few days shortly after “peak” blossoming. 
  • Green Buds. These tiny creations start to appear after the petals fall. They are the next step in the life of the cherry which will give way to…
  • Yellow Cherries. This is the final phase of the cherry and will begin to turn bright red as they ripen.
  • Red Cherries. Get ready for picking which generally begins mid to late July, again, depending on the weather. You’ll see “Pick Your Own” or “Already Picked” signs throughout the county as we begin the annual cherry harvest. Look for recipes at our local fruit stands and farmer’s markets as there are some amazing ways to use cherries beyond the traditional pie. We have a lot of ideas for you, too, on our Recipe page. Check it out!

Interested in learning more? Destination Door County has a great video explaining the history of the famous Door County Cherry.