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Dine in the Sunshine in Sturgeon Bay

August can be steamy in the Midwest, but Sturgeon Bay's miles of shoreline beat the heat. Come to Sturgeon Bay for natural air conditioning off Lake Michigan, fun experiences, and relaxing dining al fresco. Sturgeon Bay restaurants, cafes, and bars offer waterfront, water view, and small town patio dining for whichever suits your style.

Wake up to the smell of freshly roasted coffee and bakery. Take a mid-day break from shopping, playing, and sightseeing for a quick meal along the shore or a longer mid-day feast. End the day with some of Sturgeon Bay’s fish, cheese, or other delicious entrees. Enjoy a late summer sunset with a cocktail by the water as live music provides tunes to end your day on a relaxed note. Eat in or take it to the lake for a memory-making experience with family and friends.

Sturgeon Bay has a multitude of options that are sure to fit in to your vacation schedule, so here's a list to help you find your favorite outdoor dining establishment.

Bakery, Breakfast, and Lunch

Lunch and Dinner

Outdoor Bars