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Ahnapee State Trail - Leave the Road, Take the Trails

Part of the Ice Age Trail, the Ahnapee Trail is 8-10 feet wide, allowing for plenty of nature and wildlife to experience up close and personal. During the first mile, you’ll come across farm fields, wetlands, and swamp life. You’ll be surrounded by oak, birch, and other species of trees, while the green swamps are hidden underneath them. Cattails and long grass add a relaxing feel as you take each step.

The Ahnapee State Trail was once a former railroad, which is why it’s fairly flat and even, making for a somewhat easy hike today. The trail linked the counties together as their primary industrial railway, where supplies that were necessary (especially for Sturgeon Bay’s local shipbuilding industry) were moved back and forth.

The trail is open year-round, where summertime runners, hikers, and bikers take in all the blossoms and beauty. In the wintertime, the trail can be used for snowmobiles and cross country skiing. For more trail information, visit Door County Parks Department and Ahnapee Trail Maps.