Explore Like a Local

Explore Like a Local: Fun Runs!

Running on vacation is probably one of our favorite things to do simply because...

1) we have the time to do it, and...

2) we get to go out and explore places that you might not be able to access by car.

Ready to rekindle your passion to run? Here are a few words of wisdom from a couple of our local runners (who you’ll most likely pass while you’re out there!):

Meet Carrie (pictured above). Carrie, along with her girlfriends, love to run the streets of Sturgeon Bay, but especially those that feature what she fell in love with when her family first moved to Sturgeon Bay.

“I love to run in Sturgeon Bay and every route I run is along the water. I usually run with friends, so it's actually part exercise, part therapy. It never fails, every time we run, someone in the group comments about how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to run along our waterfront.”

Sturgeon Bay Local, Scott, loves running in Potawatomi State Park

Scott (above) is an avid runner and recently, a recipient of a kidney transplant. He’s had his new kidney for a year now, is doing great and appreciates more than ever the ability to get back to doing what he loves—running! “I love running in Potawatomi State Park (3740 Park Drive, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235), especially the Run Wild race which is always the first Saturday in October. 

The park has varying terrain, great views, wildlife, and lots of water. The fall foliage can’t be beat and the park has great trails.” Scott’s other favorite is any route that takes him across the two downtown bridges and throughout the shopping, dining and creative districts. (We have a map of several “Bridge Run/Walks” that you can access by clicking HERE).

So whatever your reason and whatever the season, Sturgeon Bay may just become one of your favorite running destinations. Whether an organized race or a jog along the water, a run through Sturgeon Bay may be just what you need to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your passion for running, just like Carrie and Scott.