Explore Like a Local

Explore Like A Local: Good Things Happen to Those Who Bait

Few things compare to the instantaneous excitement on a child’s face when they feel a tug on their fishing line. Make and capture precious moments like these in Sturgeon Bay with your family this summer. The stunning waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay hug Sturgeon Bay, offering some of the best fishing in Wisconsin. Cementing that status, Sturgeon Bay was named Best Bass Fishery of the Year in 2014 by Bassmaster Magazine!

Gather your poles and tackle on-shore fishing for such tasty panfish as smallmouth bass and perch. Shore fishing can take some time and patience. Increase your chances of catching fish by renting a boat or booking a fishing charter with an expert out of Sturgeon Bay. Persons 16 years and older must have a fishing license; licenses may be purchased from THESE BUSINESSES, and at many gas stations.

Cast around these hot fishing spots in Sturgeon Bay:

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BayView Park/Old Train Bridge Station (Green Bay waters):

One of the most convenient places to fish on shore, walk here from the historic Michigan Street Steel Bridge, the public waterfront walkway or from the sandy beach and playground of Otumba Park.

Location: Madison Avenue and 10 W. Larch St., Sturgeon Bay

Potawatomi State Park (Green Bay waters):

One of five State Parks in Door County, Potawatomi provides fishing lovers with many optimum fishing spots. The park has great hiking trails, a 75-foot observation tower above the treeline for breathtaking views, playgrounds, and picnic shelter/areas. Fish from shore or launch your boat.

Location: 3740 County Hwy PD, Sturgeon Bay

Website: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/potawatomi/

Stone Quarry (Green Bay waters):

Fish here for smallmouth bass from the rocks of the breakwall or launch your boat. The Stone Quarry holds a lot of history in its rocks. Boats launch comfortably from the four wide-launch lanes with a depth of 3 feet or more.

Location: County Road B, Sturgeon Bay

Sunset Park (Green Bay waters):

Fish from the shores of Sunset Park for its beautiful views, favorite playgrounds and athletic fields, and one of the best sand beaches in Door County! Little Lake inside Sunset Park is a great place to make memories and just fish for fun.

Location: 747 North 3rd Ave., Sturgeon Bay

Bullhead Point (Green Bay waters):

Find the hidden gravel road and chance upon one of Sturgeon Bay’s favored places to fish. Don’t let the peaceful views deceive you! Bullhead Point is home to multiple shipwrecks: Empire State, Ida Corning, and Oak Lead. After the stone trade weakened, these three barges were left moored at Bullhead Point. For years, Sturgeon Bay locals swam and fished from the three ships’ decks. When the decks began to severely decay, the company burned and sank the ships, leaving remains on the channel floor, visible when the water is clear.

Location: 950 N. Duluth Ave., Sturgeon Bay

Canal Station (Waters of Lake Michigan):

Close to the scenic U.S. Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse, the canal was dug in 1871 to connect the shipping lanes of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Walk out and fish off of the old canal breakwater. The Coast Guard station is an active duty station, please stay off their marked private property.

Location: 2501 Canal Rd., Sturgeon Bay

Graham Park:

This local fishing spot is next to the two downtown bridges. Cruise ships dock here in summer, and kids dare each other to acrobatic feats off the dock. Graham Park is a delightful place to spend the whole evening fishing.

Location: 10 Pennsylvania St., Sturgeon Bay

Sawyer Park Boat Launch:

On the opposite shore from Graham Park, on the west side of Sturgeon Bay, Sawyer Park is a nice spot to practice casting and testing lures! This boat launch is the perfect spot to gauge the weather and head either to the Bay of Green Bay or the waters of Lake Michigan.

Location: South Neenah Ave., Sturgeon Bay

Website: http://www.sturgeonbaywi.org/departments/parks-and-recreation/boat-launches/

Fishing Charters and Boat Rentals

Now on the other “line”...Sturgeon Bay is the hub for renting a boat or hopping on a fishing charter for a prime fishing experience.

Fishing Charters


Door County Boat Rental

Pontoons, speedboats, fishing boats, sailboats and canoes are available for you to rent to transport you along the water to the perfect fishing spot. DCBR helps visitors find Sturgeon Bay’s beloved treasures, by boat!

Two locations in Sturgeon Bay:         

Beach Harbor Resort, 3662 N. Duluth Ave., Sturgeon Bay
Door County Maritime Museum, 120 N. Madison Ave., Sturgeon Bay

Website: http://doorcountyboatrentals.com/

Howie’s Tackle

Howie’s is Sturgeon Bay’s fishing “shack”. Find new tackle, replace lost spinners, and get the scoop on the latest catches. Howie’s leads fishing charters, too. With a great staff, they are more than welcomed to help get visitors prepared for the best fishing trip!

Location: 1309 Green Bay Rd., Sturgeon Bay

Website: http://www.howiestackle.com/