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Explore Like a Local: Sledding at Big Hill Park

Winter is in full swing and that means snow- lots of it!

Because of Sturgeon Bay's geographical location on the Great Lakes, the area tends to receive more snow than most areas in the United States. This occurrence is called lake-effect snow.

Lake-effect snow is produced when cold, dry air passes over warmer water. The atmosphere's lower layer picks up water vapor from Lake Michigan, rises up through the colder air above, and freezes and deposits along the shore.

The lake-effect snow received in Sturgeon Bay makes for excellent Winter activities such as sledding, and let us tell you...there are several locations to sled in Sturgeon Bay, including the two most popular:

  • Big Hill Park
  • "Incinerator Hill" [located next to the Door County Waste & Recycling plant (1509 Division Rd.)]

Big Hill Park makes for a steep and thrilling ride. Once sledders venture to the top of the hill and look down, they typically find it looks much bigger than expected- hence the name, Big Hill Park.

Locals and visitors can access the hill via N 9th Ct., N. 9th Ave. or N. 12th Ave.

Another option available to the public is Incinerator Hill. A local favorite, the speedy snow-covered hill makes for a fun sledding experience for all ages.

This unmarked hill consists of two drop-offs- the second drop-off happens just when you think the ride is going to end.

Head over to the Door County Waste & Recycling plant, 1509 Division Rd, and make your way to the Incinerator Hill next door.

Happy sledding!