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Fishing The Fall and Winter In Sturgeon Bay

As the fall season hits the waters around Sturgeon Bay, many anglers will be chasing the season looking for some of the best fishing of the year.  Walleyes, Smallmouth, Northern Pike, Perch, and even Musky are sensing the shorter days, cooler water, and start to feed up for the winter months.  For many it can mean trophy time.  Some Salmon remain on the big lake, with 4 year-olds returning to Strawberry Creek, making it more accessible for small boats and are closer to the shoreline.  On the warm water side of the bay, Smallmouth are found in deeper points along the bay.  Walleyes will be found biting up on the reefs.  Perch have been a highlight in late summer and early fall.  Northern Pike and Musky are also high on the list.

The cooler temps make days on the water more enjoyable. There is less boating traffic, along with less fishing pressure. 

Now is the time to contact the guides of fishsturgeonbay.com who know right where to find those big fish.  With the fall colors brightening up the shoreline, not only is there  great fishing, but you are treated to some of the most spectacular scenery found anywhere. 

When the fall season ends the winter season soon arrives.  The open water turns into a solid sheet of ice that covers the whole bayside, while hearty anglers venture out onto these vast expanses and soon there will be villages of shanties all along the shorelines.  It’s ice fishing that comes into play and our guides also have your ice fishing trip covered. 

Whether it’s Whitefish, Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, or Trout, the guides of fishsturgeonbay.com are extremely knowledgeable of where to fish, what lures and baits are best, and where it is safe to travel on these frozen bays.  Within sight of Sturgeon Bay is Sand Bay and the Western Shores of Green Bay, which hold all of the species, and especially Whitefish being a highly sought after gamefish.

The Sturgeon Bay Sport Fishing Association of Door County recommends hiring a guide to get you started on your ice fishing adventure.  Your trip will include large, heated shanties, with transportation on the ice, and all equipment provided.  What a better way to spend a winter’s day!

Contact fishsturgeonbay.com for a great fishing experience either in open water or on the ice!  Make Sturgeon Bay your next fishing adventure.  The fishing season never ends in Sturgeon Bay! 

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