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Meet Me at the Mammoth (for the 2021 Mammoth Hike Challenge!)

Laura Schneider from Waunakee, WI took a moment to commemorate her Sturgeon Bay segment of the Mammoth Hike Challenge with a photo of Woolly. #MeetMeAtTheMammoth #SturgeonBay

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet “Woolly” yet, put it on your calendar as October is the month to celebrate the Ice Age Trail’s (IAT) annual “Mammoth Hike Challenge.”

The Mammoth Hike Challenge takes place the entire month of October and encourages new trail users as well as long-time users, to hike, run, or walk 41 miles and visit 3 out of the 15 IAT Communities throughout Wisconsin. Lucky for us, Sturgeon Bay is not only 1 of the 15 trail communities, but the Eastern-most terminus of the trail, meaning that hikers can begin or end their iconic 1200 mile journey in Sturgeon Bay. Remember—the Mammoth Hike Challenge is complete after hiking just 41 miles anywhere throughout the State, in segments or all at once; it’s totally up to you and your own adventure level!

We, of course, think that the Sturgeon Bay segment of the trail is one of the best as it provides you with natural beauty and glacial landscapes that are beyond amazing.

Plus, you get the opportunity for a photo op with Woolly, an art piece created by fine steel art sculptor, Carl Vanderheyden. Woolly strikes an imposing figure in his new Bay View Park home. (Bay View Park is a City of Sturgeon Bay Park which is part of the IAT and is between Bridgeport Resort and Sonny’s Italian Kitchen and Bridge Up Brewing.) His “gentle giant” presence draws you in and truly makes the Ice Age come alive. So, when you’re out on that hike, don’t forget to stop by Woolly and grab a pic using the hashtag #MeetMeAtTheMammoth so that you and your family and friends can be part of Ice Age history!

Have we piqued your interest? Here are a few of our favorite reasons to get out and explore!

1. It’s FREE to join (yay!)

2. Seek out new-to-you segments of the Trail.

3. Enjoy vibrant fall colors (see our Fall Colors map.)

4. Spend family/friend or some alone time on the Trail

5. Slow down, unplug, and tune in.

6. Listen more and talk less.

7. Stop at every bench to rest and reflect.

8. Laugh, sing, and seek joy.

9. Watch a sunrise or sunset while on the Trail.

10. Find one or two new ways to enjoy the Trail on your quest towards 41 miles.

11. Appreciate the beauty around you.

12. All abilities. All ages. All welcome.

We’ve also got a super cool, easy-to-use credit card sized folding map that features the Sturgeon Bay segment of the IAT as well as a map of Walkable Sturgeon Bay, featuring the East and West Waterfront districts. After all, you definitely will have earned some dinner and dessert after all of that hiking, not to mention some retail therapy, too! Pick yours up in our 24/7 Welcome Center Brochure Room, 36 S. 3rd Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, or at any of our local businesses. It’s a great way to explore all that Sturgeon Bay has to offer!

Ready to sign up?
Participating is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!


To complete the Challenge, you need to track 41 miles of activity on the Ice Age Trail and support at least three Ice Age Trail Communities. Feel free to use our Mammoth Hike Challenge Hiking Log for tracking the segments you hike, the distances you go, and the Trail Communities you visit. Using the log is NOT a requirement. You do not have to submit it. In fact, tracking your miles is by the honor system.


Challenge yourself to explore new-to-you Ice Age Trail segments. Dive deep into the Wisconsin experience at the local shops, restaurants, and one-of-a-kind attractions in our Trail Communities (but selfishly, make sure that Sturgeon Bay is one of them!)


You have all of October to complete the Mammoth Hike Challenge. Once you’re registered, the IAT will send updates your way with hints and tips, and events to attend along the way.

When you are finished hiking 41 miles and visited at least three Trail Communities, submit our simple online completion form. A commemorative patch and certificate will be mailed when the challenge is over. Questions? Call the Ice Age Trail Alliance at (800) 227-0046.

See you on the Trail!