Destination Sturgeon Bay Recipes


Food and Family on Thanksgiving Day

Food and family are our favorite things so it’s a given that we look forward to Thanksgiving day every year. Our family is quite large so we spend the entire month of November coming up with our menu filled with old recipes and new. Two turkeys are purchased, one for day-of and one ‘snacking turkey’ reserved for leftovers, and pounds of potatoes are boiled and riced in preparation for the 40+ people that fill the house year after year.

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Nick and Cam’s Wedding Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

With the hearty squash and sweet & spicy flavors, this soup is perfect for an autumn day. Topped with creamy mascarpone cheese, fresh sage and roasty toasted pumpkin seeds, this is the flavor of fall in a bowl. The recipe is near and dear to my heart and always reminds me of our October Wedding.

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Apple Cider Donut Crock-Pot Bread Pudding

Enjoy the taste and smell of your DC trip when you get home with this easy crock pot bread pudding recipe.

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