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Small but Mighty - The Steel Bridge Creative District

It’s no secret that Door County is an artist’s dream destination. Picturesque landscapes, sunsets that surround you, and the gentle hum of a slower pace; it’s really no wonder that so many artists have found their way to Sturgeon Bay, Door County. And sometimes, those artists find each other and an even greater piece of art is formed. Hence, the birth of the “Steel Bridge Creative District.”

Nestled onto Second Avenue in downtown, historic Sturgeon Bay, between Louisiana and Nebraska Streets, is the newly formed arts district. The name was agreed to as an apt title for a part of Sturgeon Bay where art, music, innovation, and visionary entities can flourish. Music, painting, sculpture, cast glass sculpture, and murrini blown glass are all part of this small, vibrant district that hopes to attract other artists.

“The district will not be necessarily geographically bound by 2nd Avenue but that it will emanate from the center point of 2nd Avenue at Michigan. That said, we are open to the district growing as it would naturally grow as new artists or creative entities choose to be in the vicinity,” according to artist and owner, Stephanie Trenchard of Popelka Trenchard Glass. "As longtime promoters and practitioners of "art for art's sake” we love our work. We believe it enriches the community in ways both obvious and mysterious. But we want to give more."

“We’re small, but we’re mighty,” stated Margaret Lockwood (Margaret Lockwood Gallery) who recently, along with her husband, completed a renovation of an 1870’s historic building which is now both home and gallery. Lockwood’s ethereal, abstract paintings interpret the beauty and landscapes of Door County while the gallery grounds display the magnificent sculptures of Dan Bresnahan.

As art takes many shapes, it’s only fitting that the third partner in this creative district is that of the Holiday Music Motel and Tambourine Lounge. While perhaps most famous for their annual “Steel Bridge Song Fest” celebrated each June, the Holiday Music Motel and their recently formed Tambourine Lounge are a “creative incubator” encouraging participants to “make some noise” through discussion, collaboration, performance, and activism.  For any thriving creative scene, music is more than a soundtrack—it’s a vital motivating force and the Holiday Music Motel and the Tambourine are artistic forces second to none.

Have we piqued your curiosity? The Steel Bridge Creative District will host the Sturgeon Bay Holiday Art Crawl’s kick-off event at Popelka Trenchard Glass on Friday November 18th from 5-7pm. The 10th annual Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl will take place the weekend of November 19 -20th. Over 20 local artists will open their studios to visitors between the hours of 10-4pm. More details at : www.sturgeonbaystudios.com and also on their Facebook page, Sturgeon Bay Holiday Art Crawl 2016.