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Sturgeon Bay - The Secret Treasures of Door County

Every time Thomas Jordan hears the question, “how much further is it to Door County?” he chuckles. Jordan, an international, award-winning advertising writer turned photographer, simply can't understand why people say they’re “cruising through" Sturgeon Bay “on their way” to Door County. As a matter of fact, Sturgeon Bay is 30 miles north of the Door/Kewaunee County line, so when you reach Sturgeon Bay, you’ve actually been in Door County for approximately 30 minutes!

“Sturgeon Bay just doesn’t get credit for the amount of incredible treasures it has,” Jordan states. "So I decided to find all of those hidden gems and photograph them so that I could share what it is that I fell in love with. I spent nearly a year scouting Sturgeon Bay for interesting places and people to interview and photograph. Each place I stopped led to someone who said, 'You have to get a picture of…or talk to…' and so the book began."

Jordan’s photography is nothing less than breathtaking, and frankly, if I didn’t live here already, I’d want to after laying my eyes on Jordan’s book. Having lived in Sturgeon Bay nearly 30 years myself, I couldn’t believe the things he found that I had yet to discover. From intimate bed & breakfasts (Sturgeon Bay is dubbed the “Bed & Breakfast Capital of the Midwest") to the Indian restaurant tucked within a tiny, West Side gas station, Sturgeon Bay has no shortage of local favorites and secret destinations!


Jordan’s 191 page book covers Sturgeon Bay’s rich maritime and shipbuilding history, music, theater, artisans, agriculture, fishing, shops, and perhaps most importantly, the people behind the pictures. It’s perhaps these unique, interesting, and hard-working individuals that have inspired Jordan. So much so in fact, that all of the proceeds from his book are being donated to the Door County Community Foundation (GiveDoorCounty.org) to be granted to the charities of Door County.  “The best people I’ve ever met, I’ve met in Door County. There are so many great organizations helping so many people that I just felt a connection, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Jordan recollects.

“Sturgeon Bay—The Secret Treasures of Door County” truly has been a labor of love for Jordan. Click here to find your own reasons to fall in love with Sturgeon Bay and get a sneak peek of Jordan’s book along with information on how to order.

-Pam Seiler, Executive Director for Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center