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Sturgeon Bay’s Sparkle: Snowflakes are Available Now!

Who doesn’t love driving around town and looking at all of the beautifully decorated homes and businesses this time of year? We always took our kids through Sturgeon Bay, bundled up in their jammies with cups of hot chocolate, and headed out to see everyone else’s lights, since we did a very mediocre job in comparison to most.

As we circled the local streets, one of the most beautiful sites was always along our business districts. Huge Christmas trees, lit with thousands upon thousands of strings of lights and the street posts perfectly adorned with sparking snowflakes…ahh…

And just like real snowflakes, one or two alone doesn’t amount to much, but put them all together and you have a blizzard!

Whether walking or driving, these snowflakes literally light the path into Sturgeon Bay with a Norman Rockwell feel of small town Americana.

It’s Christmas—the way we all want to imagine it.

Sturgeon Bay Snowflake Sponsorships are available for purchase in memory of or to honor a loved one. What a great gift to know that the lighted winter snowflakes that dazzle Sturgeon Bay streets will keep the winter skies shining for years to come!

For information on how to purchase, CLICK HERE or contact the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center directly at 920-743-6246.