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The Queen Bee of Sturgeon Bay Passes the Crown…

For the past two years I’ve referred to our Executive Director, Pam, as our fearless leader. I felt like FEARLESS was truly the best way to describe her. There wasn’t one challenge she wasn’t willing to accept. No matter the hurdle, she was willing to jump. It’s humbling to be in the same room as a leader this fabulous, and an honor to get to work beside her day after day.

In her 7+ years as Executive Director of Destination Sturgeon Bay, she’s rebranded the organization, created, designed, and installed a new city-wide signage system, produced and coordinated a number of National fishing tournaments (Bassmaster ring a bell?), helped Sturgeon Bay become an Ice Age Trail Community, started a downtown entertainment district, and most importantly – lead our local businesses through a global pandemic and national shutdown. These accolades just scratch the surface though. Her list of accomplishments are longer than a CVS receipt… seriously.

Day after day, Pam fought for this organization. She put visitors, local businesses, and her community first. There isn’t a City, Destination Door County, or Tourism Zone meeting that you won’t find her at. Pam has her ear to ground and the pulse of the City runs within her.

I feel lucky to have known Pam my entire life. I grew up down the street from her, she did my makeup for school dances, and we had countless summer pool parties at her house. But to see her step into this role has been the highlight of our relationship. Like I said above, it’s been an honor to learn and grow alongside Pam. Her passion rings through day after day in this office and not a day goes by when you’re not excited for the future of our little city.

But now it’s time to pass the crown. Cameryn is ready to take lead in Destination Sturgeon Bay, and I just have to say- I. AM. PUMPED. She is ready to hit the ground running where Pam left off and there are some amazing things coming to Sturgeon Bay under her lead. We were laughing just yesterday because we looked at each other and said, “Okay, maybe we should slow down just a little bit.” There are just so many great things in the pipeline that we want to share with all of you and waiting a week or month seems like it’s just too far away!

I could go on forever about these two amazing women and the impact they’ve made in Sturgeon Bay and my life. *cries*

If you see these two amazing women out and about in Sturgeon Bay, give them a fist bump (yes everyone, we still are doing this) and buy them a cherry margarita.

Cheers to 2022, filled with new beginnings and exciting endeavors! We’re ready for the challenge.  

Marketing& Events Director