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What the Heck is a Sikaflex?

Up for a challenge? Try designing, building and then racing a small boat made solely out of plywood, a few pieces of lumber, caulk, zip ties and the infamous “Sikaflex 291” adhesive (hence the name). Throw in the use of only hand-tools and that fact that you can’t use any pattern or template, and you’ve got yourself a dandy little project that hopefully is deemed sea-worthy!

Each year, the Door County Maritime Museum challenges two person teams to create a vessel that will...
1) not sink
2) make it around the water course fastest and
3) be the most cleverly themed.

Did we mention that you only have four hours to construct this beauty?

On Sunday, August 12 starting at 10am, spectators and fans will line the Michigan Street Bridge to cheer on the participants as they try to stay afloat and round the buoys that mark the course.

And if your vessel is one of the lucky ones that makes it to the finish line, you’ll get to participate in the infamous “vessel smash,” a demolition derby type of finish with most everyone ending up in the Bay!

Camelot Sikaflex boat design

So…just a little intrigued? Take a look at the Ultimate Build-a-Boat Sikaflex Challenge entry form by clicking HERE and join in the fun! For additional information, contact the Door County Maritime Museum at (920) 743-5958 or by email at mstephenson@dcmm.org.