Seasonal Information

When are the Cherry Blossoms Coming? 

We wish we knew the answer to that down to the minute, but Mother Nature always seems to throw us a curve ball with April snow (yes, we had snow this April!), but we're keeping an eye on the orchards and will have updates through the Door County Visitor Bureau Blossom Report. Click HERE to see how close we are to those beautiful blooms!  

Here's what we were told by local orchards in early May 2019

Of course it all depends on the weather and the temperatures. If it warms up a bit more in the days to come that will help move things along. If it stays on the cooler side, that will help push things back a bit more. That being said,

Orchard Country:  “We’re predicting around the 20th this year if weather continues to warm up, but if stays cold, probably closer to Memorial weekend.”    Seaquist Orchards:  “3rd or 4th week in May?  Maybe!”

So let's face it; it all comes down to Mother Nature!

If you're looking to take a road trip and want some local recommendations, please give us a call (920) 743-6246 and we'll work with you on a personal itinerary.

And if you can't make the trip to beautiful Sturgeon Bay, Door County just yet, make sure to follow our Sturgeon Bay webcam. It's almost as good as being here, but not quite!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall--Sturgeon Bay is ready and waiting with new shops, dining and experiences for you to enjoy. Make your plans for ANY season, and we'll be here to greet you!

~Come for the fun. Stay for the memories.